Systems, Application, and Data Integration

Improve Your Operational Productivity

Streamline Operations and Reduce Labor Costs

Streamline Operations and Reduce Labor Costs

Organizations seek solutions that allow resources to focus on their core business rather than the maintainance of multiple platforms. Longtail will create solutions that keep your employees productive.

Transform Data Into Actionable Information

Transform Data Into Actionable Information

Integration projects often require business intelligence (BI) solutions, so users can make informed decisions and/or perform further analysis. We ask your users the important questions, and deliver appropriate solutions.

Reduce Response Times and Satify Business Needs

Improve Response Times and Satify Business Needs

The promise of automation and reduced response times is alluring to many organizations. Longtail will provide your users realtime information and accommodate even the strictest SLAs.

We Invest In Our Technical Education to Ensure
Delivery of High Quality IT Solutions to Our Clients

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions expert
  • Oracle Certified Expert
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional

Integration Solutions We've Delivered

What To Expect

Systems integration is the process of and integrating and adding value to disparate systems. There are various methods of systems integration (vertical, horizontal, star) that are performed in different circumstances.

Data integration is a similiar discipline that Longtail performs; however, data integration does not involve multiple systems. The skill sets for both integration disciplines are nearly identical and achieve the same goal - added value.

The benefits of systems integration include:

  • Streamlined Operations & Reduced Labor Costs
  • Added System Value
  • Production of Actionable Information
  • Reduced Response Times
  • Automation

Integration efforts often begin with the desire to simplify workflows, reduce redundant tasks, or confusion of how to handle/prepare organizational data for the purposes of consumption.

We establish SLAs with each client, and provide unparalleled on-site or remote support with our experienced staff.

Longtail is able to identify and implement methods that maximize productive outcomes for the business and users alike. These methods are often determined by the resources we have at our disposal. For example, some systems provide web services to hook into, and others require direct database updates. At times, custom solutions are required; either way, we have you covered.

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